(Note: This is an edited version of a post I made on a web forum a while back.)

I can no longer remember exactly when I started to get turned on by the idea of my wife fucking other men. I don’t even remember if I found the concept online first or if I just thought up the fantasy then started searching it out online. Either way it has been a staple fantasy of mine for quite some time. At some point soon after starting to fantasize about it I did talk to my wife about the fantasy and while she wasn’t interested in pursuing it in real life she did start to entertain the fantasy in the bedroom pretty quickly. We have never gone beyond that stage but we have played around the edges for some time with forays into teasing, dirty talk, and chastity.

In writing this introduction I did look back into my email and the furthest reference I could find to hotwifing or cuckolding was way back in 2007. Interestingly, this was also just before we got married! I’m sure I was into the fantasy a little while before that but that is as far back as the evidence I have of it. Speaking of getting married, I also remember telling my wife about a dream I had the night before the day of our wedding, all about her being fucked by I think a couple of black men (a noted preference of hers).

There were a couple other earlier memories I have of me and my wife teasing each other a bit with hotwifing and cuckolding fantasies both during trips away together as well as when she went off alone. One time when my wife went away on a shopping trip to another country I sent her links to people she could “meet up” with while away. As she was away with her friends I knew it was very unlikely and it was just probably going to be a bit of fantasy talk but I do still remember the slightest potential being exciting to think about.

Another time after that was when we went took a holiday to a tropical island. I noticed this guy at the airport that I new my wife would think it was hot and I pointed him out to her and I was very right. We spent the rest of the day teasing each other about the fantasy of her getting with him and when we finally got back to the house we were staying at I was in a quite a state! I think it was likely the first proper time I can remember of her also leaning into the teasing aspect of cuckolding. Talking about all the enjoyment she would get from this guy that I “couldn’t give her”. We tore off our clothes and rushed to bed soon as we got though the door to fuck, and I came in about 3 strokes! She also gave me a good bit of teasing about that afterwards much to my added enjoyment.

There are many other memories about this in our relationship but I’ll leave at those for now.

In terms of my exploration of this fantasy, blogs written by actual hotwife and cuckold couples also drove my fantasies early on. When I was first getting into this fantasy I found a bunch on Blogspot (remember Blogspot?) blogs which I thought were just amazing because it let me read real life accounts of hotwifing and cuckolding from couples at different stages of their journey. Not only was it nice to understand how real couples navigated these fantasies as they moved into actually trying out the lifestyle, I also found it very erotic. I find I get an extra kick about thinking of “normal everyday people” that you see out in the world day-to-day having extraordinary sex lives that are outside of what we are taught to think of as socially proper or normal. I think reading these blogs early on really helped me anchor some of my expectations of hotwifing and cuckolding in a way that pro-porn, or even amateur-porn can’t quite capture, the relationship aspect. That is not to say I didn’t get caught up and in a horny tizzy sometimes to the annoyance of my wife but it did help ground it somewhat when we talked about it in earnest.

For a long while I used to worry that hotwifing and cuckolding was just my fantasy but over the years my wife has really got onboard and asserted that it is very much her fantasy too. We don’t know what the future holds but we both wanted to start expanding our experience in the lifestyle by starting to share here, so I’m sure you will hear more about us over time. Cheers!

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