Frisky 40s

(Note: This is an edited version of a post I made on a web forum a while back.)

So, my wife has been really coming into her own sexuality these days. I think it is due to a multitude of factors but one of them is those frisky 40s kicking in.

In any case my wife has been getting hot for everyone, it is even expanding out into a newly found queer side! It is great! Her hedonistic sexuality seems to have finally come up to meet mine and I suspect it is on the cusp of surpassing it, never to be bridled again. My 20 and 30 year old inner self wishing she was a slutty hotwife might soon be a tired-out 40 year old doing his best, trying to keep up with her desire! I’m absolutely not complaining!

So, recently, not only have we been playing with toys and engaging in the aspects of the hotwife & cuckold fantasy more and more, but we have also been talking through what it would be like to test the waters in real life. We are a real couple, so taking our own time, nothing major just small steps at first because we obviously value our relationship more than anything.

One event that has spurred things on recently is a crush! It is something she hasn’t felt in quite a while. The crush made her viscerally realize that you can want to fuck someone without having to have love feelings for them. This has got us talking in a real way about what it might be like for us to start exploring an open relationship in earnest. My wife has a bit more of a jealous predisposition than I do so experiencing and understanding the feelings she got from her crush changed her mind more than any conversations we ever had. But also because of this jealousy imbalance it might also mean that we naturally try out a form of one sided open relationship first (something like hotwifing perhaps). I have found all this talk very exciting, but I am also aware that is we go though with it that it is not the same as a fantasy. I am not scared of it happening but I also know this is real life with real world considerations we have to factor in as we go.

The parts I find exciting about all this are that all my mental fantasies of the last couple of decades seem to finally be coming to fruition! Yay!! I had come to terms with them possibility never happening, and I’m still okay if we decide it is not the path for us, but it is exciting. And the taking-it-slow part has it’s own fun. I remember in particular one morning my wife in bed turned to me and said something like, “I think it would be best if I just tried making-out with someone first.” That one sentence stuck with me the whole day and I had to take care of myself once or twice as a result. I think the reason for it was the fact that it felt more real and actually a possible living of the fantasy than anything she has ever said to me before that point. She has also recently talked to me about wanting to fuck other people, but that still feels far off and it may also never happen. Making-out with someone though, that could happen any time if she thinks the time is right.

She has checked in with me a few times about this whole thing. Earlier in the year it was about making sure I was ok with her having a crush. Later on it was after the realization we made that it was likely better if she experimented first in opening the relationship before I did. She knows I’ve fantasized about her sleeping with other men for years, but she too knows fantasies are different than reality. But it has been steady on. I haven’t felt any worries or pangs of her having a crush or wanting to sleep with others. That isn’t to say I might have feelings if it gets closer to happening but we are in a very good place these days. Lots of good communication. We also know a lot of people in open relationships so have good people to talk to as sounding boards. We are quite fortunate that way actually. More than anything it has been just generally exciting times. I’ve really enjoyed seeing my wife come into her sexuality more and more in the last couple of years. It is hot, beautiful, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us both!

Oh, I cut that last post because it was getting a bit long, but I forgot to mention that one night recently she used her crush as part of our sex play. She got her self worked up with a fantasy and toys before hand. Called me into our room then had me use my fingers on her very wet and worked up pussy. She is normally likes just outer play but this time she was all about getting things into her pussy.

She kept talking about her crush and what she wanted to do with him as she played with her big breasts, and I fingered her. She also got one of her clit toys involved as well! After a while of that she wanted my cock. I went in easily due to her toy play before hand and how wet she was. Prior to this she has been finding doggy-style a bit too intense but this time she felt worked up enough and she had planned on getting on her hands-and-knees after I had got in and warmed up myself. Turns out though, all the sexy talk about her pussy being stretched out and wet by her crush had got me so horny I came pretty quickly (seems like a theme doesn’t it?).

We ended it there both fully satisfied and had a bit of a laugh about how quickly the fantasy had made me cum. Next time we will try doggy because it is my favorite! Now that I know that was the plan I’ll try to keep myself paced a bit better!

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